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The VALLI Gerontechnology Centre - supporting the good everyday life of the elderly

The VALLI Gerontechnology Centre is a centre of expertise, which assembles and shares information and experiences related to technology for the older people. We promote the collaboration between different operators , and influence the needs of elderly users being taken into consideration in technological development work, and in social discussions. Technology belongs to everyone!

The VALLI Gerontechnology Centre  is a part of the work of The Finnish Union for Senior Services, VALLI. The work is financed by STEA (Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations).

What does The VALLI Gerontechnology Centre  do? 

- Collects and distributes information, know-how, experiences and methods related to age technology.
Increases collaboration between organisations, experts, and developers.
Coordinates functional networks around this topic.
Jointly develops and distributes the good practices of elderly technology.
- Organises seminars, themed training sessions, excursions, and compiles guides and reports.

Our services for the older people 

We are working for the older people to be full members of the technology society. We want the older people to be aware of the opportunities of technology, and the potential uses it has, and utilising more solutions brought along by technology.

We offer
new information about technological solutions, to support a good everyday life.
impact and participation opportunities for developing technology.
elderly people's own network and user panel.

Our service for organisations, experts, and service providers 

We support organisations and other expert groups in providing information to the older people about technological solutions and their implementation.

- We collect information and provide support with using elderly technology, and the implementation and distribution of good practices.
We promote the collaboration between relevant projects and activities.
We organise joint development and assessment activities.
We highlight and distribute good age technology practices.
We enable to achieve a coherent and compact channel of influence.

Our services to businesses and other developers 

We help the developers of technological devices, services and solutions to acknowledge the needs and the user experiences of the elderly in their development work.

- We produce and collect information about the older people as users of technology, and about the good practices in the implementation of the age technology.
We provide user experiences of the elderly, and expert consultations to support product development work.
We provide visibility for developed solutions.

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The VALLI Gerontechnology Centre

The VALLI Gerontechnology Centre is a nationwide centre of expertise which assembles and shares information and experiences related to technology and digitalisation. Read more from our brochure (pdf).